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Red Bull GRC Fantasy Challenge: Louisville Preview

May 17, 2017

Alec Johnson of Stuart, FL won the inaugural Red Bull GRC Fantasy Challenge from Memphis International Raceway, riding three of the top four drivers in the Supercar final to 202 points and winning a tiebreaker with three others with GRC Lites veteran Alejandro Fernandez. But Memphis was only one round out of 12 in the 2017 season—meaning there are still 11 more chances to win a Red Bull GRC prize pack!

PLAY: FANTASY RED BULL GRC Louisville Challenge | 2017 Championship

As a reminder, here’s how it works:

  • Tier 1: Winners of any of the past three Supercar races (or the two most recent Supercar winners) entered in the weekend’s event.
  • Tier 2: The top three drivers in Supercar points entered in the weekend’s event that aren’t already included in Tier 1.
  • Tier 3: All other Supercar drivers entered in the weekend’s event.
  • Tiebreaker: Any GRC Lites driver entered in the weekend’s event.

At the end of the weekend, all points scored by the first three picks are totaled up, with Lites drivers used to settle any ties in the standings. The highest point-scorer earns a Red Bull GRC prize pack—something we know you’re all craving!

With that in mind, we’re back once again to give you our picks for this weekend’s action in Louisville. Here are this weekend’s driver groupings and our best advice:

Tier 1: Scott Speed, Tanner Foust

It should be clear by now that Speed and Foust will remain Option 1 and 1A throughout most of the season. The only question is, which one do you take? Louisville is a ground-up build rather than a permanent facility; last year, all four of Speed’s wins came on ground-up builds, while all four of Foust’s came at established racetracks. Speed broke the trend with his win in Memphis, but that might make the difference when making your choice.

Tier 2: Steve Arpin, Mitchell deJong, Oliver Eriksson

The next three drivers in the standings comprise the next tier of fantasy picks, and came home third, fourth, and fifth in Memphis. Eriksson’s top five was one of attrition, as he kept clean and avoided the trouble that plagued many others. Arpin and deJong had an exciting battle for third that came down to two things: Arpin’s crafty use of the Joker Lap, and deJong’s damage-related boost issues. Ask yourself: do you want a proven commodity or promising rookie?

Tier 3: The Field

This tier features two past Supercar race winners, three past podium finishers, two heat winners from Memphis, and the defending GRC Lites champion—and that covers some drivers more than once. Sebastian Eriksson could have easily been third in Memphis if not for power steering issues, while both Subaru drivers showed improved pace. But Patrik Sandell (Supercar) and Cabot Bigham (Lites) were the only drivers to win finals on a ground-up build last year.

Tiebreaker: GRC Lites

Three drivers proved themselves the class of the GRC Lites field in Memphis: Alex Keyes, Conner Martell, and Cyril Raymond. They would have finished on the podium in that order if not for Keyes’ incident in the dirt section—but that proves an important point: anything can happen to any driver at any time. Other drivers who showed promise in the opener included eventual third place finisher Christian Brooks and Colin Braun, who took three podiums last year.

Red Bull Global Rallycross Louisville

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Photo credit: Louis Yio

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