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Fan Voice Friday // Fans Choice 2017: Signature Livery

November 17, 2017

Your votes are in, and Steve Arpin was last week’s decisive winner of our Hard Charger poll for the 2017 season. Arpin didn’t just post his best Red Bull Global Rallycross season to date, he did it by methodically climbing through the field to post an average finish nearly two spots better than where he started.

Arpin makes it once again to this week’s Fans Choice 2017 poll, but for much different reasons. This week, we’re all about aesthetics—specifically, the most unique liveries to make it to the track this year, and especially those concepts reflected on multiple rides. It’s hard to narrow these down to just a handful, but choose your favorite of the four below:

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Honda Red Bull Olsbergs MSE

Designer: Sean Bull
Each of the three Honda Red Bull Olsbergs MSE Supercars got their own signature markings in 2017. Sebastian Eriksson held onto the team’s signature blue-and-white look, Oliver Eriksson’s car carried two-tone blue stripes, and Mitchell deJong’s ride featured red and blue stars and stripes as the team’s lone American Supercar driver.

Loenbro Motorsports

Designer: Kevin Wilson
Steve Arpin’s Supercar featured six different liveries in 2017, but none were more unique than the split livery concept he debuted in Indianapolis. Derive Efficiency and JCB Machines adorned the two sides of his Fiesta ST that weekend, and the look returned in Los Angeles with SCT swapped in.

Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing

Designer: Hunter Smith
Austin Dyne has almost always had some of the most colorful liveries on the grid, but this year’s design took another step forward with a new CMYK color scheme. Behind the bright paint splatters, topography maps were the new theme on this year’s ride, which Dyne drove to three heat victories in Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing’s first Red Bull GRC season.

DirtFish Motorsports

Designer: Trevor Wert
In a unique twist, DirtFish-backed cars toned down the brand’s iconic orange for the first time this season with a new snow camouflage look. Conner Martell and James Rimmer each drove variations on the theme, with Martell’s car on a white base and Rimmer’s on black. The new look allowed DirtFish orange to stand out in logos on the hood and sides of the cars.

Photo credit: Louis Yio

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