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Staturday: #DIRTNight Edition

February 10, 2018

Images via ineX Racing

The offseason may be long, but thanks to iRacing and RaceSpot TV, Red Bull Global Rallycross fans haven’t had to wait all winter to see wheel-to-wheel action. Every Friday night, RaceSpot TV has brought the action to the masses with #DIRTNight, the weekly highlighted race in iRacing’s Red Bull GRC championship.

While the series itself consists of countless races, run every hour over a 12-week span, the Friday night event features many of the top drivers in the championship, making their strongest cases for championship points. Right now, 2014 GRC Lites champion and top 2017 Supercar rookie Mitchell deJong has an extensive championship lead, and much of it has come from a perfect record on #DIRTNight.

Behind him, though, a number of talented drivers have found their way onto the podium:

Week /

Track /

First Place /

Second Place /

Third Place /

1 Daytona (Long) Mitchell deJong Rens Broekman Joshua K. Rogers
2 Iowa Mitchell deJong Joshua K. Rogers Marius Golombeck
3 Indianapolis Mitchell deJong Graham A. Bowlin Sindre Setsaas
4 Daytona (Short) Mitchell deJong Michael Guest Nathan Lyon
5 Phoenix Mitchell deJong Rens Broekman Graham A. Bowlin
6 Daytona (Long) Mitchell deJong Steliyan Chepilevski Jake Hewlett
7 Iowa Mitchell deJong Rens Broekman Steliyan Chepilevski
8 Indianapolis Mitchell deJong Sindre Setsaas Jake Hewlett
9 Daytona (Short) Mitchell deJong Nathan Lyon Sindre Setsaas


While nobody’s found a way to beat the calm and consistent deJong in a main event yet, a handful of drivers have managed to establish a strong presence at certain tracks; Sindre Setsaas has taken the podium in both Indianapolis finals, while Nathan Lyon has expertly handled the short layout from Daytona International Speedway. In all, eight different drivers have taken two or more podiums during the nine #DIRTNight features, including deJong.

Likewise, the heat and consolation races leading up to the final have been a similar story. Lyon’s upset of deJong in Daytona a month ago remained the only blemish on his #DIRTNight record until Chepilevski nipped him for the pole last night. The preliminary rounds have seen greater diversity on top, with only five drivers taking multiple victories, compared to 12 overall:

Week /

Track /

Heat 1 Winner /

Heat 2 Winner /

Consolation Winner /

1 Daytona (Long) Mitchell deJong Tom Erik Voll Logan Clampitt
2 Iowa Mitchell deJong Rens Broekman Jörn Jens
3 Indianapolis Mitchell deJong Moritz Löhner Sindre Setsaas
4 Daytona (Short) Nathan Lyon Logan Clampitt Michael Guest
5 Phoenix Mitchell deJong Steliyan Chepilevski Joshua K. Rogers
6 Daytona (Long) Mitchell deJong Steliyan Chepilevski Julien Schein
7 Iowa Mitchell deJong Steliyan Chepilevski Sindre Setsaas
8 Indianapolis Mitchell deJong Sindre Setsaas Rens Broekman
9 Daytona (Short) Steliyan Chepilevski Mitchell deJong Logan Clampitt


Many of the world’s top sim racing teams have cracked these lists, from Coanda Simsport (with multiple drivers, including deJong) and CORE Motorsports (Löhner) to ineX Racing (Clampitt) and Real Championship (Schein). But with three #DIRTNight shows left before the end of the season, don’t be surprised to see a number of other drivers and teams crack the list.

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