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Red Bull GRC Cards: November 20-December 3 Recap

December 4, 2017

The past two weeks of Red Bull GRC Cards have been a look back at some of our most popular events of the 2017 season. From Race Day cards wrapping up our first two doubleheaders of the season in New England and Ottawa, to more Los Angeles Edition cards featuring top drivers at our season finale, there’s been no shortage of top-notch imagery to check out!

Make sure you haven’t missed your favorite driver’s card over the past two weeks—use our handy checklist to keep up:

Date /

Card Type /

Card Details /

November 20 Race Day Round 3: Red Bull GRC New England
November 21 Race Day Round 4: Red Bull GRC New England
November 22 Los Angeles Edition #13 Cyril Raymond // Red Bull
November 23 Holiday Happy Thanksgiving!
November 24 Los Angeles Edition #44 Christian Brooks // Global Electronic
November 25 Staturday Updates Supercar singleheader vs. doubleheader points
November 26 First Wins 2016: Steve Arpin
November 27 Race Day Round 5: Red Bull GRC Ottawa
November 28 Race Day Round 6: Red Bull GRC Ottawa
November 29 Los Angeles Edition #93 Sebastian Eriksson // Red Bull
November 30 Los Angeles Edition #24 Mitchell deJong // Red Bull
December 1 Los Angeles Edition #16 Oliver Eriksson // Red Bull
December 2 Staturday Updates Head-to-head: Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross
December 3 First Wins 2017: Christian Brooks


The next two weeks will see more Los Angeles Edition cards, with top names like Chris Atkinson, Patrik Sandell, and Conner Martell all still to come. We’ll also resume the Rookie Throwback set with this year’s Supercar first-year drivers, finish off the First Wins set, and keep the Staturday head-to-head cards coming with some of our top Supercar teams!

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