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Staturday: GRC Lites Heat/Semifinal Points

July 29, 2017

Stat geeks, rejoice! Staturday returns for the 2017 Red Bull GRC season, as we offer up key facts and figures through the entire year. Click here to bookmark the entire Staturday archive!

Cyril Raymond has been a dominant force in GRC Lites this season for Olsbergs MSE, partially on the strength of four consecutive victories in the month of June. But the French driver and current Lites points leader has also been doing work in the heats and semifinals—to the tune of over 20 points more than any other driver.

Nine Lites drivers have won heats or semifinals this season, just as many as the premier Supercar class, but it’s been a slightly more even spread behind Raymond—six of them have taken at least four victories, and on four different teams to boot! We’ve got the full breakdown right here:

GRC Lites Heat/Semifinal Points








1 Cyril Raymond 161 21 15 0 0
2 Christian Brooks 140 21 6 0 0
3 Conner Martell 133 21 8 0 1
4 Alex Keyes 131 20 5 1 0
5 Cole Keatts 127 21 4 0 0
6 Travis PeCoy 123 21 2 0 0
7 James Rimmer 109 19 0 2 0
8 Alejandro Fernandez 109 18 1 0 0
9 Colin Braun 99 15 4 3* 0
10 Jon Bennett 62 13 1 5* 0
11 Gustavo Yacaman 18 3 0 0 0
12 Burt Jenner 16 3 0 0 0
13 Matt Halliday 15 3 0 0 0

*Braun and Bennett missed all three preliminary rounds in New England I, but had substitute drivers Eric Holmes and Brian Colangelo substituting. Holmes and Colangelo were ineligible for points.

Facts and Figures

  • Of the 21 heats and semifinals contested so far this year, five drivers (Cyril Raymond, Christian Brooks, Conner Martell, Cole Keatts, and Travis PeCoy) have not missed a round. Four drivers (Alejandro Fernandez, Gustavo Yacaman, Burt Jenner, and Matt Halliday) have competed in every heat and semifinal they’ve been scheduled to run, but have missed at least one round this season.
  • Cyril Raymond’s 15 heat and semifinal wins are already more than Oliver Eriksson, last year’s winningest driver in preliminary rounds, took over the entire 2016 season. Eriksson won 11 heats and semifinals in his final Lites season.
  • All full-time Lites drivers have won at least one heat or semifinal, with the exception of James Rimmer. Rimmer’s first heat victory of the season will also be the first of his career, but he has taken second place in heats in six of the seven rounds so far this year.
  • Cole Keatts became the first Lites driver to take his first career heat victory when he won the very first heat of the season in Memphis. Keatts’ Olsbergs MSE X Forces teammate Cyril Raymond and CORE autosport teammates Colin Braun and Jon Bennett have also taken their first career GRC Lites heat wins this season.

Photo credit: Louis Yio

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