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Staturday: Red Bull GRC Indianapolis

July 15, 2017

Stat geeks, rejoice! Staturday returns for the 2017 Red Bull GRC season, as we offer up key facts and figures through the entire year. Click here to bookmark the entire Staturday archive!

After a hectic month of June that saw four of Red Bull Global Rallycross’ 12 rounds completed within a 16-day span, the second half of the 2017 season kicked off with a single round at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis. That’s not to say it wasn’t its own brand of high-attrition racing: no fewer than seven of the cars entered in the event are prepared in the city, and the first driver across the finish line lost the race due to a penalty in two separate heat rounds.

Our drivers and teams get a nice break heading into the next event in Atlantic City, a doubleheader that takes place a full five weeks after the Indianapolis round, but over here, the stats machine keeps rolling. Here are the numbers you need to know from last weekend:

Supercar/GRC Lites Firsts

With so many winners and podium finishers already in 2017, there wasn’t much by way of firsts at Lucas Oil Raceway—other than Red Bull GRC’s first event in Indianapolis. Still, one driver made his debut:

  • First Start (career): Matt Halliday (Lites)

Supercar Heat Points

With 21 championship points on the line in heats, and another 10 up for grabs in the semifinal, the preliminary rounds are almost as valuable as the main event for Supercar drivers in 2017. Who took advantage of the new system? We’ve got the totals here:

  • 31: Scott Speed
  • 27: Cabot Bigham
  • 25: Tanner Foust
  • 24: Chris Atkinson
  • 23: Patrik Sandell
  • 22: Steve Arpin
  • 20: Sebastian Eriksson, Oliver Eriksson
  • 16: Austin Dyne
  • 13: Mitchell deJong

GRC Lites Heat Points

Two rounds of heats and a pair of semifinals gave GRC Lites drivers a maximum of 24 points to work with coming into the 50-point final. How did the field do?

  • 23: Cyril Raymond
  • 22: Christian Brooks, Conner Martell
  • 19: Cole Keatts, Alex Keyes
  • 18: Travis PeCoy, James Rimmer
  • 15: Matt Halliday

Supercar Lap Leaders

Just how determined were the Indianapolis-based teams to win their home event? Between Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross and Bryan Herta Rallysport, the two local Supercar teams led all but four laps during the weekend:

  • 31: Scott Speed
  • 12: Tanner Foust
  • 5: Cabot Bigham
  • 3: Steve Arpin
  • 1: Chris Atkinson

GRC Lites Lap Leaders

Much like the last single-round event in Louisville, Christian Brooks was the top lap leader last weekend in Indianapolis. In all, five drivers spent time up front in various sessions:

  • 18: Christian Brooks
  • 9: Cyril Raymond
  • 8: Conner Martell
  • 6: Alex Keyes
  • 1: Cole Keatts

Fastest Heats by Round

If we had every car on track at the same time for every heat and semifinal round, who would have won? These were the drivers to beat in the preliminary action:

  • Supercar Round 1: Scott Speed, 4:00.197
  • Supercar Round 2: Scott Speed, 3:56.160
  • Supercar Round 3: Tanner Foust, 3:54.927
  • Supercar Semifinals: Scott Speed, 4:44.289
  • GRC Lites Round 1: Cyril Raymond, 4:12.629
  • GRC Lites Round 2: Cyril Raymond, 4:04.048
  • GRC Lites Semifinals: Christian Brooks, 4:56.336

Supercar Best Heats

How fast was your favorite Supercar driver in the preliminary rounds? We’ve got everybody’s fastest times for both classes:

  • #00 Steve Arpin: 3:58.262 (Heat 3A)
  • #2 Cabot Bigham: 3:57.377 (Heat 2B)
  • #14 Austin Dyne: 4:01.464 (Heat 3A)
  • #16 Oliver Eriksson: 4:02.098 (Heat 2B)
  • #18 Patrik Sandell: 3:59.194 (Heat 2A)
  • #24 Mitchell deJong: 3:58.857 (Heat 2A)
  • #34 Tanner Foust: 3:54.927 (Heat 3A)*
  • #41 Scott Speed: 3:55.224 (Heat 3B)
  • #55 Chris Atkinson: 3:58.477 (Heat 2A)
  • #93 Sebastian Eriksson: 4:01.218 (Heat 2B)

*fastest heat of weekend

GRC Lites Best Heats

When did your favorite GRC Lites driver truly turn up the heat? Here are everybody’s top heat times:

  • #3 Travis PeCoy: 4:11.858 (Heat 2A)
  • #13 Cyril Raymond: 4:04.048 (Heat 2B)*
  • #21 Conner Martell: 4:08.121 (Heat 2B)
  • #24 Alex Keyes: 4:12.033 (Heat 2A)
  • #25 James Rimmer: 4:10.184 (Heat 2B)
  • #42 Matt Halliday: 4:17.782 (Heat 2A)
  • #44 Christian Brooks: 4:06.315 (Heat 2B)
  • #53 Cole Keatts: 4:11.095 (Heat 2A)

*fastest heat of weekend

Photo credit: Louis Yio

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