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Staturday: Supercar Heat/Semifinal Points

July 22, 2017

Stat geeks, rejoice! Staturday returns for the 2017 Red Bull GRC season, as we offer up key facts and figures through the entire year. Click here to bookmark the entire Staturday archive!

How has your favorite Red Bull Global Rallycross Supercar driver done in heats and semifinals? Chances are, unless they’re driving a Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross Beetle, they’re hovering around 140 points.

It should be no surprise that Tanner Foust and Scott Speed are carrying the torch at the front of the pack, considering that they rank first and second in points anyway. But Loenbro Motorsports’ Steve Arpin is within striking distance in third, and a number of other drivers have done some serious work in the heats to try and keep pace. Without further ado, here are the numbers:

Supercar Heat/Semifinal Points








1 Tanner Foust 190 27 18 0 0
2 Scott Speed 185 26 19 1 0
3 Steve Arpin 166 27 6 0 0
4 Oliver Eriksson 152 27 3 0 0
5 Mitchell deJong 145 26 0 1 0
T6 Sebastian Eriksson 144 26 2 1 0
T6 Cabot Bigham 144 26 2 1 0
8 Chris Atkinson 140 25 3 2 0
9 Austin Dyne 117 22 1 5 0
10 Patrik Sandell 116 23 0 4 0


Facts and Figures

  • Of the 27 heats and semifinals contested so far this year, only three drivers (Tanner Foust, Steve Arpin, and Oliver Eriksson) have not missed a round.
  • Scott Speed’s 19 heat wins so far are most in the Supercar class, giving him a career total of 66 victories. Speed has already set a season-best mark; his previous best was 18 last year.
  • All Supercar drivers except Mitchell deJong and Patrik Sandell have won a heat so far this season. Sandell’s next heat victory will be the 20th of his career, while deJong’s will be his first in the Supercar class. He does, however, have 16 in his GRC Lites career.
  • Oliver Eriksson became the first rookie Supercar driver to win a heat in the first round of New England I. His three heat wins lead all rookies so far.
  • The all-time record for heat and semifinal victories in a single season is 27, set by Foust last season in 30 opportunities. While that record seems likely to fall, his winning percentage of .900 appears safe; Speed currently leads the class with a winning percentage of .731 in heats he’s competed in.

Photo credit: Louis Yio

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