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Staturday: Supercar Main Event Points

August 5, 2017

Stat geeks, rejoice! Staturday returns for the 2017 Red Bull GRC season, as we offer up key facts and figures through the entire year. Click here to bookmark the entire Staturday archive!

During a Red Bull Global Rallycross event, three rounds of heats and one semifinal may comprise a majority of a Supercar driver’s racing laps—but it’s the main event that truly shapes the championship. The 21 laps of the preliminary rounds offer a maximum of 31 points, but the 10 laps at the end of the day are worth a massive 50-point payout to win.

It should be no surprise that the overall championship leader and the top main event point-scorer are one and the same; Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross’ Tanner Foust holds both honors. But with so many drivers suffering at least one DNF (or even a DNS!) in a final so far this year, they’re only one piece of the overall standings. Here’s how our top-class competitors have performed so far in the most important sessions of each weekend:

Supercar Main Event Points

Rank /

Driver /

Total /

Finals /

Wins /

Podiums /

Best Fin. /

Worst Fin.* /

1 Tanner Foust 298 7 2 5 1st (2 times) 9th (NE2)
2 Steve Arpin 289 7 2 5 1st (2 times) 10th (OTT2)
3 Scott Speed 277 6 2 6 1st (2 times) 3rd (LOU)
4 Mitchell deJong 240 6 0 3 3rd (3 times) 5th (LOU)
5 Sebastian Eriksson 239 7 1 1 1st (LOU) 10th (NE1)
6 Oliver Eriksson 219 7 0 0 4th (IND) 9th (NE1)
7 Austin Dyne 204 6 0 0 5th (3 times) 7th (NE2)
8 Chris Atkinson 189 6 0 1 3rd (NE2) 9th (OTT2)
9 Patrik Sandell 177 6 0 0 5th (NE2) 9th (2 times)
10 Cabot Bigham 168 6 0 0 6th (MEM) 9th (IND)

*worst finish of finals where driver made it to the grid and started the race

Facts and Figures

  • Only four drivers (Tanner Foust, Steve Arpin, Sebastian Eriksson, and Oliver Eriksson) have made it to the grid for all seven Supercar finals so far this season.
  • No driver in the Supercar class has completed every lap of every final this year. All four drivers to start every final have suffered at least one DNF.
  • Foust, the top point scorer in main events, leads teammate Scott Speed by 26 points in the overall standings with five races remaining. 21 points out of that lead have come from better final results.
  • Speed has not missed the podium in a main event where he has made it to the grid. He also has the best finish of a driver who missed the previous main event, taking second in the Sunday final in Ottawa after missing Saturday’s main due to an engine change.
  • Manufacturer’s Championship competitors Volkswagen have earned 11 podiums so far this season; Honda have earned four and Subaru one.
  • Mitchell deJong remains the only Supercar rookie to finish on the podium this season; he has finished third on three separate occasions. He is also the highest point-scoring rookie with 240 points earned in finals.

Photo credit: Louis Yio

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