Volunteer FAQs/


Q: Do children need a ticket?

A: Yes. Children 5 and under are free with a ticketed adult (one per ticketed adult) Children 6-12 require a ticket. They may enter on a children’s priced ticket.

Q: Where do I buy a ticket on race weekend?

A: Tickets will be available for purchase at the box office near the entrance to the event.

Q: I need wheelchair accessible seating. How do I get it?

A: All seating is open seating. There will be wheelchair accessible seating available in front of the main grandstands. You do not need to purchase a special ticket.

Q: Where do I go for the start of my shift?

A: There will be a mandatory training meeting on Thursday before the event at 7 pm. At that time, you will be introduced to your team manager. Each group will designate a specific meeting area at the start of each shift. Your team manager and/or Volunteer Manager will provide that information in advance of the event to each respective group. Please be sure to check in with your team manager/Volunteer Manager at the start of each shift as well as at the end.

Q: What do I do if I need to make a phone call?

A: If you need to make a phone call, please excuse yourself from your workstation and do so away from public view. Cell phones are not to be visible and/or used at workstations. No smoking at workstations. Additionally, there is no consumption of alcohol during shift times. If you wish to have an alcoholic beverage after your shift, please remove your volunteer shirt/hat and credentials.

Q: Will I be provided with food and drink?

A: Yes, volunteers will be provided with a food/drink voucher during their shift. Your team manager will provide you with a voucher at the beginning of each shift.

Q: What should I wear?

A: It is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes/sneakers (black is preferred). No open toe shoes. You will be provided with a volunteer shirt. Volunteers are the front line for the event so we ask that you dress presentable. Please do not alter your volunteer uniform shirt/hat in anyway (autographs, pins, cut sleeves, etc.). If you chose to wear a hat, you are required to wear the hat provided to you by event staff. It is recommended that you bring sunscreen as depending on your assignment you may be outside for extended periods of time during your shift(s). Stay hydrated and have fun!

Q: Am I able to change from assigned group/team?

A: Depending on availability and other deciding factors, we may be able to accommodate your request. We ask however, that you be flexible as volunteers will be assigned to specific areas depending on various circumstances which could arise during race weekend. Please do not move to another group/area without receiving approval from your team manager.

Q: Do Grandstand and General Admission tickets provide access to PREFERRED Grandstands, Hospitality and Pit/Paddock area?

A: Grandstand and General Admission tickets do not provide access to the Preferred Grandstand and Hospitality areas. The Paddock is open to the public. Separate and specific credentials/passes would be required to access those areas. General Admission tickets do not provide a designated seat. Inform guests they are welcome to upgrade their seating as they chose.

Q: How does a fan upgrade a ticket?

A: A ticket can be upgraded at the Will Call location. Please kindly refer guests to Will Call for pricing and availability. Will Call will be able to answer any questions related to such requests.

Q: Where can fans pick up tickets that were previously purchased?

A: Guests/sponsors/VIPs can pickup tickets at Will Call which is located by main entrance.

Q: Do we provide golf cart access?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot provide access/transportation to fans during race weekend. If someone requires medical attention please contact your team manager and alert the closest medical/first aid section. Kindly inform guests that we are unable to entertain such requests. In certain instances, approval may be granted at the discretion of the Team Manager/Volunteer Coordinator.

Q: What do I do if I have a lost person/child?

A: Contact your team manager and/or event staff immediately and remain with the individual(s) until a team manager and/or event services staff arrives.

Q: What should I do if I find a lost item?

A: If you come across and item(s) that have been left behind by guest(s), please ensure the item(s) are turned into the Lost and Found Department located at Information Booth.

Q: What should I do if I am offered a gift, gratuity?

A: Volunteers are prohibited from accepting gifts, gratuities, items or any form of compensation from guests, sponsors and/or any entity/individual associated with the event/venue. If volunteers have questions, they should contact their Team Manager/Volunteer Coordinator for guidance.

Q: Are guests permitted to leave belongings at Volunteers stations?

A: Unfortunately, they are not permitted to leave any belongings/valuables with Volunteers, at any of the designated work stations for obvious reasons.

Q: What should I do if I am approached by the media?

A: All media requests and questions from the media are to be directed to the event staff and management of the event. Kindly recommend that questions/inquiries be referred to event staff.

Q: Do I need earplugs?

A: Although not as loud as IndyCar or Formula 1, if you are new to the sights and sounds of auto racing, it might be a good idea to purchase a pair. The sounds of a GRC car are above the average road car.